Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chosen by Barbara Elsborg

Kate Evans is a librarian who doesn't take any chances.  She doesn't make eye contact with anyone, she keeps her doors locked and doesn't have any family left.  She is friendly with her neighbor though.

When a delivery man brings flowers to her apartment, she is careful to keep the door locked and have him drop them off outside the door.  Sure he has left, she opens the door to retrieve the bouquet and is broadsided by a large man.

By knife point, he has her pack her things and takes her to his car.  He tells Kate she is going to marry him, and if she doesn't do exactly what he says, he'll hurt her.

Terrified, Kate repeatedly trys to escape or ask for help.  Each time, she is punished, and it isn't pretty.  But Kate never gives up.

Jack Thompson is the name of the man who has taken her against his will.  He's recently been released from Ashland, a psychiatric hospital that he spent nine months in.  He never reveals to Kate what he wants with her but her to behave and marry him.

Nathan Beranson was all set to get married when he finds his fiance in bed with his half-brother, Jack.  Intent on revenge, Nathan has been watching Jack for months.He realizes it isn't healthy, but he can't help it.  By the time he realizes this, it's too late.  He's been watching everything Jack has been up to and now he ends up in the twisted game Jack is involved in.  As much as he wants to help Kate, he may be too late.

Chosen is a twisted, psychological thriller that will enrapt you from the first page.  Kate is  fighter and with all of the abuse she sustains, I was really rooting for her to pull through and put Jack in his rightful place.  As the journey takes us across many states, Jack's mind twists and turns into something so cold, you'll have chills running up your arms.  Well-executed, Barbara Elsborg has a gift for writing suspenseful thrillers and I can't wait to see what she has in store for her readers next!

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  1. Thanks, Wendy.I appreciate the review. I do love writing evil characters!!


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