Friday, July 29, 2011

Cold Touch by Leslie Parrish

At age fifteen, Olivia 'Liv' is kidnapped. While tied up in an old bar, she begs a young boy, Jack, to help her escape. She believes he was either kidnapped, too, or the kidnapper is his father. But he doesn't help, and Liv is murdered.

Now, she worked for eXTreme Investigations, a paranormal detective agency. Since her death, her descent into a portal of darkness and then her subsequent return to the living,Liv has had a rare gift. By touching a corpse, she can see the last two minutes and ten seconds of their life. Because of this gift, she is a valuable asset to the agency.

When Liv hears on the news that a young boy's skeleton has been found in a wall during a fire, she begins to think it could be Jack. She knows that the area the skeleton was found in is the same area and it could be coincidence, but she cannot let it go until she is sure.

When young boys continue to be murdered, Detective Gabe Cooper is the man she goes to. She wants to help, but Gabe doesn't believe in psychics. However, he does begin to believe that her unsolved kidnapping could be linked to the current murders.

Liv, who has tried to live a normal life, questions herself when she believes her kidnapper could be in the area. She's always tried to put her own feelings and fears aside to help others, but can she continue to use her gift to put him away before he tracks her down and finishes what he started twelve years ago?

The bond between Liv and Gabe is fragile, yet strengthens as the plot unfolds. A unique concept with remarkable and complex characters, COLD TOUCH is a welcome addition to the paranormal genre. Chilling murder scenes, remarkable writing and blossoming romance mesh together into a race to find a sadistic killer. Highly recommend!

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