Saturday, July 16, 2011

Earn It, Learn It: Teach Your Child The Value of Money, Work, and Time Well Spent

Earn It, Learn It is the brainchild of Alisa T. Weinstein. Earn M Keep is an allowance program to teach children how to earn their money and what different ways they can do with it.  I have two teenagers and they have had an allowance since they were little.  Granted, if they didn't do what was expected of them for the week, they don't receive it. I rarely have that problem now, though, because my kids want money to spend when they are out with their friends.

However, when they were little, I sure wish this program had been around.  Children today, and I am speaking about my own kids and their friends, have no concept of earning money.  My son does now, he has a part-time job, and he it has given him enlightenment into what we as his parents do.

But Earn My Keep does away with the 'allowance' and gives your child a chance to get a 'job'.  There are many different jobs listed in the book with different levels.  There are also different ways to 'pay' them.  Chores are not a job, it is something they do at home.  We don't get paid to wash the dishes and neither should they.  It gives a child a better concept of how to earn their money, how to spend their money and how to make it work for them.  They could be a 'banker' and learn about counting cash and taxes, for example.

Even though I have teens, I still find different places in this program that will work for us.  Are they going to continue to get allowance? No.  They will 'walk a mile in my shoes' so to speak.  They will get a 'job' and learn how to earn it.  Mostly my daughter, since my son is working.  But if he needs extra money he can learn a new job.

Children can test drive many different 'jobs' and learn different things in life that will help them in the long run.  Maybe they decide they really aren't good at one thing but excel at another.  This is a great tool for all parents and really easy to read and follow.  Alisa gives different pointers and alternatives to many of her explanations so you can pick and choose what best works for you. She not only includes the 'jobs', but different worksheets you and your child can use to help you and them excel and learn.

I highly recommend this book to any parent or teacher.  It is brimming with great ideas and fantastic ethics and responsibilities to educate and ensure your child a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. Oh I love this idea. I will have to look this up. My daughter is a little young for an allowance--but if I have a plan early that will be better when she is ready. :)



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