Thursday, July 21, 2011

Great Wines under $20 by Elyse Luray

I'm not good with wine.  I like wine, don't get me wrong, but I couldn't tell you what wine pairs well with a meal.  I always feel out of my element when I'm out at a great restaurant or with friends on choosing, so I usually let them.  But with Great Wines for Under $20, I won't have that problem anymore!! Elyse has a great color-coded index that helps you pair wine with a meal.  It couldn't be easier!!

When I was at a corporate event a few months ago, we were to choose our wine with our meal.  I cringed at the prices!! Seriously, twenty-three dollars a glass!!!  I love a great red wine, but I couldn't afford a bottle of that on my budget, let alone a glass.

Fortunately, now I don't have to.  Elyse has crafted a great book, Great Wines Under $20 that lists one hundred each of red and white wines.  Each wine has it's own page, and not only is it under twenty dollars, she lists tasting notes as  well as a detailed label image, which will make it easier for you to look for in the store.

If your looking for great wines on an affordable budget, want to impress your friends with your knowledge, then pick up this book! It's a great addition to any kitchen or bar. It's very colorful, easy to read and choc-ful of knowledge.

Elyse Luray is a former Christie’s auctioneer, host on “History Detective” and contributor on the “Nate Berkus Show.”

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