Friday, July 15, 2011

Spells, Slots & Sirens: Stories of the Arcana Royale

HOWL by Lisa Pietsch

Ean Hemming is well-known for always getting the bad guy. He's an excellent cop and his werewolf senses help him succeed at his job. When he is approached by Leopold Van Martin about a job as head of security for his casino, he decides to quit the police force. With the salary Leopold is paying him, he can retire in five years. He is also living with memories of a beautiful blonde he had a winter fling with years ago. He knows it probably wouldn't have worked out, but he still dreams of seeing her again.

Rhiannon Quinn is a healer but has spent most of her adult life in the lab. Her werewolf step-father died from being shot with a silver bullet. She is determined to find a cure for the werewolf community. When her college friend Frannie calls her with a job offer, the opportunity is too good to pass up. She will work as the "on call" doctor at the Arcane Royale casino,  but also have a lab to continue her research.
Leopold Van Martin is a vampire with expensive taste. He also owns the Arcane Royale, a casino that caters to the supernatural community. But he also has another motive besides making money. He is determined that the vampires will run the supernatural community and will make sure nothing stands in his way.
When Ean and Rhiannon reconnect, the sparks fly. But someone is shooting silver bullets again at the werewolves, and Ean and Rhiannon are working valiently to uncover who it is before someone else dies.

DISSOLVE by K. F. Zuzulo
Lena Barak's sister Delilah has disappeared. Growing up in an Amish community, no one just disappears...they leave. But Lena is determined to find and bring her sister back, even if she has to take Delilah's fiance Danny with her.

Arel is the foreman for Arcane Royal casino and not much gets by him. He isn't quite human; he's an Adonis, especially with the third eye embedded on the back of his neck. Lena and Delilah aren't quite human either; they come from a long line of genies.

When Lena arrives at the casino, she is immediately drawn to Arel. There is a connection there, but Lena doesn't understand it. When he reveals where Delilah is, Lena wants to grab her and go home. But there are other lives at stake, and Lena will need Arel's help if she is to free her parents from a deadly water elemental.

SOUL GIRLS by Heather Long

Malcolm Reynolds, a vampire, is visiting the Arcane Royal casino to try and bail out a family member. Cousin Marcus had run up over one million dollars in debt and is now indebted to the overseers for a hundred years of servitude.

Jeannie, whose stage name is Pandora , is a dancer at tdeletehe Arcane Royal. She came to the casino fifty years ago, broke and disheartened. With a single nickle, she cursed herself and now is only animated at night to perform.

When Malcolm first lays eyes on Jeannie, he is bewitched. He requests her presence after her show,and forgets about his cousin. Malcolm and Jeannie fall in love, but every dawn she loses her soul. Can they release her from the curse so they can have a future together?
All three stories are about patrons of the Arcane Royale casino. Sometimes characters overlap into the other stories, but each one can be read as a stand alone story. The love scenes are sizzling hot and the characters entertaining and well-developed. If you're looking for a fresh twist on the supernatural, pick up SPELLS, SLOTS AND SIRENS!

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