Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bloodborne by Gregg Luke - TOUR

Dr. Erin Cross is a scientist - a research specialist- and
someone is trying to kill her. On a lunch break at a local
Italian deli, she gets text messages from an unknown source threatening her. She shrugs it off until right after, a gunman enters the deli and kills three people. Luckily for her, Sean Flannery - former Special Ops- put her out of harm's way.

Later that day, Erin goes back to work, her lab, to finish a few details before she takes the weekend off. The guard is killed and she barely escapes with her life. She goes home and gathers her emergency stash - her research on a thumbdrive and cash. Then she hightails it out of there, but she is followed. After several more attempts on her life, she asks for help.

She calls Sean Flannery. Sean agrees to help her, but he isn't the easiest person to know. He acts strangely and things become clear, she isn't sure if he is helping her or working for the other side. Bioterrorists have need of Erin's research. They tried to get her to join their Order, but she wouldn't play ball.  Now, they want her eliminated. They have created a virus that can destroy the world. But Erin's research is needed to finish it.

Bloodborne is a titillating, action-packed thriller. From the first page until the end, the action never stops. The pacing and the plot unfolding kept me rivetted. It is chilling to think that these things could be happening in today's world. The characters are well-developed and the science is explained in layman's terms, so it was very easy to understand and follow. If you're looking for a new writer of medical thrillers - pick up Bloodborne!


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