Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Carmex Picnic Blanket + 2 NEW Flavors! Review & Giveaway

I use Carmex all year round.  I can't stand dry, chapped lips. I like moisture and Carmex products supply that.  I always know I'm using Carmex when I get that tingling feeling across my lips.  Carmex has just come out with two new flavors and my daughter has already taken one! She's a vanilla freak, but also she always keeps one in her backpack. 

Carmex Lime Twist and Carmex Vanilla are both in a click stick.  It makes a clicking noise when you're turning the dial.  It goes on smooth and has a nice subtle flavor.  Your lips will be smooth, moisturized and healthy with these lip balms. The difference between these versus the other Carmex balms is additional moisturizers.  They are still SPF 15 though, which will come in handy in any weather!

One lucky winner will win the same kit I reviewed! 
 You'll get the two lip balms, but you'll also get this cute picnic blanket! Great for travel or anytime.

You must fill out the rafflecopter widget for your entries to count.  Comments are appreciated as always. 

I received this kit as a member of Carmex Blog Squad.  All thoughts and opinions are expressly my own.


  1. Hi,
    good review! Makes me want to go buy a set.

  2. I love Carmex, but have never tried their flavored lip balms like cherry.

  3. You spelled Carmex's Twitter handle incorrectly - it's @carmexlipBALM not @carmexlipBLAM

  4. i realy like carmex jenny9675309@yahoo(dot)com

  5. Heather Garcia


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