Friday, August 26, 2011

Dael and The Painted People by Allan R. Shickman

Dael has been outcast from his people, so he asks mute Sparrow to accompany him on his new journey. Sparrow's love for Rydall isn't returned, so she agrees to go with Dael, a man who has lost his ability to love and hate.

Dael decides to travel to The Painted People, a clan he knows hardly anything about and hopefully nothing about him. When they arrive, they are greeted amicably and treated like the clan. Sparrow immediately picks up on the clans communication skills - a series of clicks, and becomes a social butterfly. She and Dael begin to take on the customs of the people and are happy.

However, since Sparrow is pregnant, the clanfolk urge them to marry and join their clan. They agree and have the ceremony and Sparrow delivers a baby boy. However, the shaman of the red people isn't pleased with Dael's abilities. He tames wild animals, can start fires, cooks with herbs and has healing powers. He is afraid he will take his prominent position.

Dael, although beginning to feel again, still sees the ghost of an elderly woman he murdered. When Dael attacks the shaman, when the shaman attacks one of Dael's pet crows, their lives in the clan of The Painted People is precarious. Can Dael show the shaman he means no harm and will Dael be able to put his violent past behind him?

Dael and the Painted People is another remarkable read from Allan Shickman. The details are intricately wrought, bringing this ancient time (cavemen times) to life. The customs, the way of life and the characters are intriguing and memorable. Allan Shickman's books are consistently engaging and surprising and I highly recommend Dael and the Painted People.

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  1. I read all three ZAN-GAH books. Allan's latest book DAEL AND THE PAINTED PEOPLE was a great read along with the rest of the series.

    I don't know if Allan wants this cat out of the bag yet but he has started putting his books on Audio CD's.

    The first book "ZAN-GAH A PREHISTORIC ADVENTURE” has a lion hunt which is where ZAN (the main character) gets his name of honor. When you read the book, the lion hunt builds and builds in intensity until you are on the edge of your seat. When I hear Allan read the book on Voice CD, the lion hunt increases in intensity even more. The difference is I end up with goose bumps, waiting for a big cat to pounce on me.

    Allan is a master of dramatic reading!

    For a little audio taste of ZAN-GAH; go to and press AUDIO SAMPLE to listen.

    J. F. Kosednar


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