Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Death by China - Confronting the Dragon by Peter Navarro and Greg Autry

Death by China is a first-hand look at how China is the greatest threat to America and why. It's discussed about how many Americans die daily from poisoned food, spiked drugs, toxic toys and more that all come from China. Many US Industries have partnered with China to get these items imported into the states at a fraction of the cost. Many jobs in the US have been disposed of because they can get the work done cheaper across seas.

But what has that done for our economy? And how are the people in China surviving under these conditions? If they are sending harmful chemicals to us, they must be living in squalor conditions. It's discussed about their polluted water - they have 7% of the earth's water in China and they drink water with waste in it!

They have been trying to gather power, but also cyber power. It wasn't discussed in the media, but back in April, China took over the internet for fifteen minutes. Not just you and I, but military and government offices as well they had access too. Crazy!!

It seems like this book is about bashing China, but unfortuntely, most things discussed are true. It's very scary and many topics are discussed. Death by China is easy to read and understand. Navarro and Autry obviously know what they are talking about, as they come across very well-informed. This is a book every American needs to read. I found it, and so did my husband, very enlightening.

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