Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Greatest Love on Earth by Mary Ellen Dennis

Calliope Kelley's father owns the circus.  She was born and raised within the circus wagons and tents.  Brian O'Connor is a few years older than her and was raised with her.  His parents died when he was little and Calliope's parents took him in. 

When Calliope's mother dies, Brian leaves the circus. He worshipped Angelique for years, loved her and he couldn't bear it without her, so he goes out west.  When he returns, Calliope is running the circus and her father spends his time with booze and his memories.

When Calliope's father dies, she is certain it was no accident.  In fact, she thinks her mother's death may have not been either and pulls Brian along on her investigations.  Calliope has loved Brian her whole life, in fact planned on marrying him when she was little.  Now, Brian pushes her away and Calliope flirts with others.  Will the two of them put aside their differences to put on the greatest show on earth and have a future with one another?

Brimming with endearing characters, suspense, witty repartee, a first-hand look at a circus and strong bonds of love, The Greatest Love on Earth is a delightful and magical romance.  Mary Ellen Dennis has penned an entertaining historical romance and I look forward to reading more from her in the future!

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