Monday, August 29, 2011

A Hidden Affair by Pam Jenoff

Jordan Weiss' world fell apart when Jared, her college boyfriend, drowns in the River Cam. Now, ten years later, Jordan is an intelligant officer for the U.S. State Department, and recently asked to be moved to the embassy in London. There, she can help take care of her ailing friend, but Jared's best friend Chris begins questioning Jared's death and soon Jordan receives new information that Jared has faked his death. She quits her job and begins her search - she needs answers. Why did he fake his death? Why did he not contact her and let her know he was alive? She is still grieving for him..

When photographs lead her to a blonde woman called Nicole, Jordan queries about Jared but she denies it. Then when she goes back to try again, Nicole is gone. A Israeli called Aaron is also chasing Nicole, and soon Jordan and Aaron team up to find Nicole and essentially Jared. But along their journey, they begin to have feelings for one another, even though Jordan fights her feelings for Jared. There quest takes them to answers and half way across the world, but also to danger. Is finding the answers to her questions worth her life? Will Jordan survive to decide the winner of her heart?

A Hidden Affair is a thrilling romantic suspense novel that will leave you on the edge-of-your-seat. Author Pam Jenoff's writing draws you into her world of unique and complex characters, with a page-turning plot and a dark and suspenseful mystery. There is many action sequences that will keep you hooked to the pages and the ending is heart-thumping. Definitely recommended reading to any romantic suspense fan!

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