Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Nightmare Within by Glen R. Krisch

Maury's life changed irrevocably the night of the fire. It took months for him to recover, and the pink scars on his body are a daily reminder of the horror. But he took something with him from that fire too, a gift. Maury can pull dreams from others and bring them to life. With his new ability he is able to help others, pulling their dreams and nightmares from them and with some, healing them.

With some help, he opens up a business, Lucidity. There, he bottles the nightmares and dreams in glass enclosures. It is surreal to see. In some of the glass enclosed rooms, there are coma patients. One of his main investors is Nolan Gage. He has a big interest in Maury's project as one of his comatose patients is his daughter Nicole. Nolan prays for the day that Maury can pull a dream from Nicole and he has a small hope she will awaken.

But something strange is going on at Lucidity. Maury has new inclinations to breed the nightmares, much to Nolan's dismay. And the dreams and nightmares are supposed to last maybe thirty minutes and then repeat themselves. However, with Juliet, that is not the case and she begins to have a mind of her own. Is she the only one? What is happening and what will happen if our nightmares become a reality?

The Nightmare Within is a spooky suspenseful novel in a surreal environment. Eccentric and yet likable characters, a unique plot concept, compelling situations and remarkable writing set the tone for this page-turning and chilling novel. I really enjoyed all of the characters and their situations and was up late burning the midnight oil because I couldn't put it down.

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