Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Watchman Of Ephraim by Gerard de Marigny

Christian 'Cris' Stephen De Niro lost his wife in the terrorists attacks on 9/11. Since, he has been raising their boys alone. He's a billionaire and one of the most respected businessmen in the world, so when he called his brother-law Ricci, ex-SEALS, to help him head up an anti-terrorism consulting firm, he knew he wouldn't say no.

De Niro and his newly assembled team work quickly to turn their newly acquired ground zero building into The Watchman for the United States. However, when they begin to investigate a twenty-five million dollar transfer, thought to be a connection between an Iranian businessman and a Mexican drug cartel, things begin to get dicey.

Ricci loves his sister, but she is gone. He consistently points out beautiful women to Cris, urging him to date again - the boys need a mother. But they are also both very good at their jobs and when one of their own goes missing, the stakes heat up.

Across the United States and across the border, De Niro never relents on his driven quest to counteract terrorism. His past is tragic but he doesn't let his personal beliefs affect his work ethics. The character development is insightful and well-rounded, lending credence to the fast-paced story. Gerard has definitely done his homework as it shines through his writing. De Niro is a multi-faceted character that I enjoyed watching develop and unfold and look forward to reading more of. Gripping, determined and fierce characters, a solid plot and stellar writing turn The Watchman of Ephraim into a top-notch thriller. Don't miss the next installment due out in September, Signs of War!

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