Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Winter's in Bloom by Lisa Tucker

David and Kyra Winter are blissfully happy.  However, they are very protective parents.  They consistently are looking at their home and surroundings to make sure the environment is safe for their son Michael.   Michael doesn't have any friends; he is homeschooled and not allowed out to play often.

However, on one sunny afternoon, blessed with a few moments of outside play, Michael disappears.  He has been kidnapped and David and Kyra are sure it is someone from their pasts.

This ensues a trip into the past for both - we learn about David's first marriage and death of his young son.  He is adamant that his ex-wife has kidnapped Michael.  We learn about Kyra's past with her sister Amy and her rocky lifestyle which leads to the sisters parting ways.

Each character is developed and unique and all mesh together to the current storyline - where is Michael? A parent's nightmare to have their child stolen from them, Tucker brings the heartbreak, drama, and the questions to the forefront of the readers mind and she does it eloquently.  A beautifully written novel that is hard to put down.  Don't miss this one when it is released in September.  The story and characters will stay with you for days after you've finished it - high marks for any writer!

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