Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Claim of Innocence by Laura Caldwell

Izzy hasn't practiced law in quite a while, but with the call of help from her best friend, Maggie Bristol, Izzy was back in the courtroom. Maggie is defending Valerie Solara, a woman accused of poisoning her best friend. Valerie swears she is innocent, but Izzy feels she is hiding something.

Maggie's father, Martin, is the lead on the case but is feeling poorly. He decides to rest at home now that Izzy is on the case. Izzy wants to know if Valerie is innocent or guilty but Maggie states it doesn't matter, they have reasonable doubt. However, it matters to Izzy so she implores the help of a friend and her father to investigate and see what clues turn up.

Meanwhile, Izzy's old flame comes back. Sam left her a while ago on the verge of their wedding with no explanation. Now he's back and freshly engaged, but implores Izzy that he won't marry if she doesn't want him to. Izzy already has hot Theo in her bed, but wonders if Sam is the love of her life. Such a quandary and matters of the heart though have to take backstage until her client is judged by a jury of her peers.

As Izzy's investigation deepens and the prosecutor's witnesses fail to give the defendant a break, Izzy decides to visit with Martin, who is all too quiet lately and immersed in law books. His story, along with what Valerie finally reveals, may be just what they need to get Valerie released, until Valerie refuses to implicate someone. Her refusal could be her execution. With Izzy's love life, Valerie's sealed lips, Martin's secrets and a thrilling court-room drama, Claim of Innocence is a lip-biting suspense that will leave you guessing until the gripping climax. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, Caldwell puts another spin in the testimony and it's back to the drawing board. Captivating, solid and full of eccentric and magnetic characters, Claim of Innocence is a must read for any mystery suspense fan!!

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