Monday, September 26, 2011

A Clockwork Fairytale by Helen Scott Taylor

Melba was dropped off at the baker's house when she was only three years old. Maddox has raised her best he can, but raises her as one of the boys. So, Melba dressed like a boy, acts like a boy, and is very intelligent and one of the best thieves and pickpockets in the area.

When she is cornered one evening, her savior comes in the form of Turk, a man known as a master spymaster. Melba knows an opportunity when she sees it and asks Turk to pledge her and teach her how to be a master spy. He agrees, but once she takes a bath, he realizes it won't work. First, she is a girl and there are no female spies. Second, she has twelve toes and there is only one family he knows with that deformity, the Royal family. He does some research and is sure she is the missing princess.

Turk is a monk and he discusses Melba with his on master. They decide to teach Melba how to act and dress like a lady before they present her to her father, the king, and reap the rich reward. But there is something about Melba that enchants Turk and he tries really hard to be true to his vows.

Vittorio feels he was robbed of the throne. His father never claimed him as a son, and his father, the older brother of the king, never wanted the throne, so his younger brother, Melba's dad, took it. Now, he will do whatever it takes to acquire his seat at the throne, even if it means finding and marrying the princess.

Turk and Melba fall in love but Turk never tells her that he is a monk. He makes sure not to touch her person at all. When Melba learns she is the princess, she pleads for Turk to marry her. Then, they will never be apart, but Turk rejects her offer. First, he never told her he was a monk and second, her father would never allow it. Turk is not a prince. When she finds out he is a monk and was using her, she never wants to see him again.

However, Vittorio won't leave Melba's side and she isn't feeling well lately. Her father is dying and Vittorio wants Turk dead. Melba secretly meets with Turk and she forgives him but vows she will not marry Vittorio, no matter what. But Vittorio controls very powerful, dark and twisted magic and he will use it to his every advantage, even if it cost lives.

A Clockwork Fairytale is a refreshing romance with a twist of supernatural. Melba is a delightful character, Turk is dark and handsome and will make the girls swoon and Vittorio is dastardly. Helen builds each character carefully and cleverly, with the story spinning at a splendid rate, keeping this reader entranced. A satisfactory ending but alluding to another installment in the adventures of Melba and Turk that I can't wait to read! If you love fairytale romances with a splash of the supernatural, an evil spurned illegitimate child and the blush of first love, you won't want to miss A Clockwork Fairytale!!

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  1. The cover and title are intriguing although the synopsis seems to give a lot away?


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