Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Moon And The Tide by Derrolyn Anderson

Book two in Marina's Tale opens up about a week after book one, Between the Land and the Sea.  Marina is still fighting to stay a human on land, even though the water calls to her.  She and Ethan have grown closer than ever and she is really getting the hang of surfing.

Ethan has become a protector and he worries all the time about Marina.  He is terrified something will happen to her or that she will decide to become a mermaid and leave him.  Marina tries to pacify Ethan but she can't ignore the call of the sea.  She goes surfing any chance she gets and she is excellent at it.  The water talks to her and before long a world class surfer is wanting her to surf professionally.

When her dad desires her to spend time with him in Greece, she goes but she missed Ethan and the sea. But the helicopter crashes into the ocean and only Marina can save them. Unfortunately, the videos of the crash show Marina with a mermaid's tail and before long it's spread all over the internet. 

Marina's Aunt Evie implores Marina to take to safety but Marina is determined to be with Ethan and surf.  She takes to surfing at midnight, a very dangerous idea, but she feels comfortable doing so with her mermaid sister Lorelei.  But when she and Lorelei are kidnapped by very bad men, she questions her choices.  Without water, a mermaid will die.

 As family secrets are revealed, love questioned and danger afloat, there is much to love in this thrilling second installment.  The characters are modern and likable, the plot unfolds at a great pace and the writing is remarkable.  I love this series and can't wait to read the final installment, The Fate of the Muse! A great fantasy young adult series I can't recommend highly enough!

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