Sunday, September 4, 2011

Plain Fear: Forsaken by Leanna Ellis

Roc Girouard is a policeman in New Orleans who hasn't worked since his wife Emma was murdered two years ago. So when his old partner urges his to take a look at the newest crime scene, Roc doesn't want to go, until he is told she looks like Emma. What he sees, the two puncture holes in the neck and the body almost drained of blood, enrages him. He doesn't believe in vampires but it's unexplainable. The victim is dressed in plain clothes, so Roc decides to chase the monster to Pennsylvania.

Hannah can't let go of her grief for Jacob. Jacob and she loved one another, dreamed of a life together, but he died in an accident. He spent his running away time in New Orleans and when he came back, he was different, but she still loved him. Now, she spends her nights at his gravestone, wishing he would come back to her. She knows the Amish way is to move on with her life, as the seasons change, but she can't seem to do so.

Levi is the older brother of Jacob, but he has loved Hannah for as long as he can remember. He knows she still grieves for his brother, and he carries guilt for that, a secret he cannot share for fear of shunning. So he waits, hoping Hannah will eventually move on with her life and see him for who he is and that he loves her.

When a stranger called Akiva comes to the area, Hannah mistakenly thinks it is Jacob. But this man is so different, his eyes are black and Jacob's shone with his love and passion. However, Akiva is determined to have Hannah with him forever, and will do whatever it takes to ensure that future. Hannah spends more and more time with Akiva, a man who says he knew Jacob. She wants to know more about Jacob's time in New Orleans and she enjoys her time with Akiva, but Levi urges her to stay away from him.

But when animals are found dead and another victim, Roc and Levi begin to talk to one another. Levi is sure who has come back to the Amish community and what for, and with Roc's help, they are determined to get rid of the monster, no matter what the cost. But when the big showdown happens, who will be left standing? Will Hannah realize her love for Levi before it is too late? Will Roc believe in vampires before he becomes a victim?

Plain Fear: Forsaken is a new spin on the age-old vampire novel. Vampires within the Amish community, a community who knows that the Lord's will will be done and they are to fear nothing, is a captivating premise for the good vs evil fight. The character's are realistic and the details to the Amish settings is well-researched and authentic. The ending winds up well but leaves a thread open to the opportunity of a sequel, which I would love to read. I couldn't put this down - you won't want to miss it!

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