Monday, October 10, 2011

Brainstorm by Gordon Kessler

Robert Weller slips in the shower, hits his head and wakes up in the hospital. Now, he's home and something is a bit off. First, there is the note under the bar soap in the shower. Then, there is the gerbil in the linen closet. Over breakfast with his wife, his anger causes the T.V. to blowup and the power to go out. His wife, Michelle, tries to soothe him with the promise of their upcoming appointment with the doctor, the man who may be able to get their son William to walk again.

Robert decides to walk to work to his hardware store. His head hurts and things don't seem right. The bump on the back of his head is tender, his memory is confused - he's forgotten things. Is it coincidence that every person he makes eye contact with on the way to work dies from a heart attack within moments?

Sunny McMaster's husband, Daniel, disappeared over two years ago. She's determined to find him, dead or alive. With the help from the military, against the President's orders, they check out the town of Gold Rush. They use Remote Viewers, people who can use their brainwaves to transcend to distant sites. Daniel was one of the best RV's in the world. He could do anything, see the future, the past, transcend space and time to distant sites.

Sunny goes into Gold Rush to try and get Robert to trust her and lead him back to her team. If she can do that, they can rescue the other thousands of people in the town. But Robert doesn't believe everything Sunny tells him, and his only thought is to get to his wife and son. The town will be demolished soon, either under the good doctor's or the military, one way or another.

Xiang has perfected his craft. He doesn't want to take over the world, but he does want to control the world's leaders. The implants in his subjects give him the ability to control them, and utterly, to assassinate the world leaders and put someone else in their place - someone he can control. Robert is the most promising subject to date, but he keeps losing control of him. Everything is at stake, and Robert must be captured at all costs.

Brainstorm is a thrilling, roller-coaster ride that will keep your adrenaline pumping! The concept is so unique and creative, yet perhaps possible in the far, far future. The character of Robert is complex, yet realistic. You can feel his confusion, yet he is strong, a survivor who knows what is right. The action is non-stop, with crazy power struggles and show downs. Well-written, wildly entertaining and thought-provoking, Brainstorm is a stellar read!

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