Sunday, October 9, 2011

Burned by Thomas Enger

Henning Juul hasn't worked in two years. Recovering from traumatic burns on his face, the loss of his son from the fire and the imminent divorce from his wife Nora has left him empty. He finally returns to work at 123News, an internet newspaper. He's an investigative crime reporter and he's partnered up with Iver Gundersen, Nora's new boyfriend.

Their first crime to cover is a supposed honor killing. Found within a tent, a woman is found buried up to her neck, stoned to death. There are Taser marks on her neck and many who believe it is an honor killing in the face of adultery would be wrong. However, the boyfriend is arrested on suspicion of murder, as he and she had had a fight the previous evening.

Henning believes the man is innocent and sets out on his own investigations. With the help of an unknown online identity, a woman he spoke with at the victim's shrine and good investigation work, Henning begins to put the pieces together. However, when he interviews the suspect’s brother all hell breaks loose. Someone enters and shoots to kill, the brother dying instantly and Henning barely getting away with his life. Henning may have identified the killer, but the killer has identified him as well. Henning is soon on the run for his life and the biggest story of his career.

Burned is a heart-thumping thriller from page one that escalates as the story unfolds. Henning is a complex and intelligent character who has more emotional baggage than anyone would want to carry. Sharp and twisted, Burned is the foundation for a promising new series. I can't wait to see what Enger has in store next! Suspense readers will devour Burned!


  1. Wow! This one sounds GREAT! Thanks for the review!

  2. This is not one I would have picked up based on the title or cover, but it sounds really good.


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