Monday, October 17, 2011

Deep Blue Secret by Christie Anderson Tour

Sadie James is an outgoing senior who loves her life. She has great friends, a wonderful mom and is just happy. Her dad left her mom before she knew she was pregnant, and although she misses him, she's loves the close bond she and her mom have. She was born with a birthmark on her wrists, a teardrop shape that is black. She used to get a lot of unwanted attention with the mark but she has learned to cover it up with bracelets or a watch.

Lately, though, Sadie has been having off moments. Pictures or certain songs make her melancholy and sad. She knows it is not like her, she loves her life, but she can't shake the depression. She visits one of her favorite thinking spots on the beach, but winds up falling into the surf. Fortunately, a green-eyed hot boy rescues her. She can't help but feel that she knows him, but he rushes off before she can get his name.

When she has an automobile accident with a friend, she almost dies. When she awakes from the coma, the hot boy is here and finally tells her his name, Rayne. He finally answers some of her questions and she learns that he is a Keeper and that Sadie is his sole responsibility. Someone is after Sadie though, she's special, and although she has no idea why since it's confidential. Rayne ensure Sadie that he will keep her safe. But although the bond between them begins to strengthen into something more, Rayne tries to impress upon Sadie that it isn't the real thing. But as the danger to Sadie's life escalates, Rayne will have to decide what the truth - what he has been taught is or his own feelings?

Deep Blue Secret is the story of Sadie trying to learn who she really is. Everything she thought she knew isn't quite what she thought. She struggles with her feelings for Rayne and her perception of who she is. The characters in this page-turning novel are modern and easy to like. The romance is sweet, the plot compelling and I can't wait to find out what happens next! I found myself immersed in Sadie and Rayne's lives, their struggle with their choices and their destiny. Christie Anderson is a rising star young adult author to keep your eye on!

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  1. Nice review, sounds like a good book for the older teen.

  2. Wendy, Thank you for featuring Deep Blue Secret on your wonderful blog! I appreciate you taking the time to write such a great review!!!


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