Sunday, October 30, 2011

Envy by J.R. Ward

Homicide detective Thomas 'Veck" DelVecchio, Jr. is the son of a serial killer on death row. He fights for good but sometimes believes he really is his father's son, especially one unforgettable night. Determined to apprehend a serial killer, Veck goes to the crime scene knowing the man won't be able to help himself. But Veck doesn't remember anything except seeing the man and then waking up with the man almost dead - shredded to pieces. Veck is sure he did it but can't remember. When the officer first on the scene asks Veck for his badge and gun, he doesn't hesitate handing them over.

Internal Affairs officer Sophia Reilly doesn't think Veck did it, the evidence doesn't add up. But when the Captain puts Veck on thirty day probation, he assigns Veck to her working on cold cases. Veck is determined to get to work on the serial case, so he combs cold cases until he finds one he believes will put him back on the case.

A young woman disappeared and there are no witnesses. Veck believes that she is one of the serial victims. When the Feds show up, Veck and Sophia have no reason not to work with them. Jim Heron seems very capable and intelligent; he seems to know more than the file states. Veck and Sophia become close as they work together and the sparks between the two won't be denied.

Jim is an angel in a battle between good and evil. He is determined that the young woman Veck is investigating get to return back to her home. His nemesis, Devina, has her soul locked up in her wall of souls. He will do what it takes to bring her back, regardless of the cost.

ENVY, FALLEN ANGELS, BOOK THREE, is phenomenal. Jim suffers a lot in his battle against Devina, but he is determined and fierce. The romance between Veck and Sophia sizzles and sears the pages with its heat. The two complement one another perfectly, even as the battle of good versus evil continues. J.R. Ward is a master storyteller whose tortured heroes continue to find a place in this reader's heart. You won't want to miss this one!!

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  1. I need to read more of this series. I liked Covet, but I never got around to buying Crave and Envy. Must do that. Great review.



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