Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fallen by Traci L. Slatton

Emma has eight children she is valiantly trying to keep alive. Most of the world is dead as a deadly mist has rose through-out the world. One breath of it and you die, horribly. There are a few places, like Canada, that haven't been affected, but trying to cross an ocean is deadly.

She's been dodging rebel gangs for weeks now, and she's tired. When a band of friendly men help her save her daughter from the mists, she knows this is her chance. They have a safe camp and she will do what it takes to ensure they are given access there. The leader of the camp, Arthur, doesn't want to take her and the kids - the camp only has men. But Emma promises to contribute to him only. Arthur's been without a woman for a while now and can't deny her.

The mists not only brought death, but they brought something other as well. Many have received supernatural abilities. Emma's hands heal, one of her kids can see the future and her own daughter can see into the past. It's helpful but also scary. Many would want to use those abilities for their own gain.

Emma and the kids settle into camp life and the relationship between Emma and Arthur blooms into romance. However, there is a secret Emma hasn't told Arthur and a devastating secret that Arthur hasn't told Emma. When they come to light, it isn't the mists that will break their bond.

Fallen is an apocalyptic romance that is a treacherous journey of choices. What may have been right in the Before, might be wrong in the After. With no power, no gardening because of the deadly mists, no transportation, it is a different world. It is to each man for himself. There are medical emergencies, action-packed raids, life and death moments that will have you breathless as you hurriedly turn the page to see what happens and more. The first in a new trilogy, I cannot wait to see where Slatton takes her characters next. You can read Fallen as a stand-alone, but I assure you that by the last page, you will desperately want the next installment. Dystopian fans will devour this one!

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  1. I love how this one sounds! I've been wanting to read a dystopian romance type book for awhile now, but most of the dystopians lately have barely any romance or the cheesy YA insta-love. I just added this one to my wishlist!


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