Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Radiant Desire, A Handmaid’s Seduction, Book One by Inara Scott

Kaia is a faerie handmaid, a light faery of grace and light.  Given a command by Queen Zafira to seduce mortal Garrett James, capture his heart and then leave him wanting, Kaia makes haste to accomplish her task.  Such an ordinary task that should be easy to complete, it astounds Kaia when she still hasn’t completed it after a few days.

Garrett is immune to her beauty or he just doesn’t like her. Actually, she looks so beautiful, Garrett assumes she’s a prostitute or out to get what she can. He has no patience for anyone like that. However, something about Kaia draws him and the two begin a flirty romance.

Garrett questions everything and Kaia tries to spin her tales to appease him but it doesn’t take long before Garrett doesn’t believe her.  Even though he cares for her and she cares him, he isn’t looking for a long relationship and he can’t abide liars.  She loves him but with a broken heart, she leaves him.  She knows she has failed her task for the queen and will be punished by either losing her wings or her soul.

Garrett realizes his loss after she is gone and spends much time looking for Kaia but to no avail.  When he finds her through a fairy ring, he confesses his true love but will it be enough? When the Queen shows up at their reconciliation, will she let them go or will she banish them away forever and apart?

Radiant Desire is a compelling and lively romance with supernatural elements of the fae. With great dialogue, unique and delightful characters and an entertaining and clever plot, Inara Scott pens a remarkable tale about the power of love.  I loved it! Don’t miss this one!!

Inara will be here on the 6th for an interview and giveaway! Make sure to stop in!!

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