Thursday, October 6, 2011

This Devil's Dice by Jackson Spence

Olivia works as a hostess at a restaurant owned by Vladimar Medvedkov, a powerful man who craves more. When her boss calls her boyfriend Ethan for a meeting, Olivia is excited. She believes only good things will happen with the Baron involved and wants Ethan to impress him.

Ethan is a scientist who has been working in his lab for years on human genetics. What he believes is possible he cannot prove. He doesn't have the finances to put his theories into practice. However, Vladimar offers him his dream and more.

Olivia is thrilled that her boss and Ethan are working together, even though she isn't sure what it's about. She's confident she will find out though, she and Ethan are very close. When Ethan has a stroke, though, things change between them. She isn't the Olivia he fell in love with and is an imposter - he begins to hate her.

When there are some weird murders in the area, Ethan's life becomes endangered. He just wants to find his one true love, Olivia, but will he find her in time? Ethan has no idea that it is brilliant science that is linked to the murders, and he will be an accessory, along with his Professor and the Baron. But if he can't find Olivia, what will it matter?

The Devil's Dice is a compelling, clever and thrilling novel that will keep you on your toes. There are essentially two main storylines that weave together in and out. The characters are impeccably developed and the dialogue is very sharp and clever. The problem I had with this novel is that I wasn't sure what was going on until I was over a hundred pages in. I kept with it because the writing really caught my attention, but I think I would have liked a bit more character backstory so I knew what I could anticipate. That said, I loved the last half of the novel and at that point, the beginning began to take shape in my mind and the puzzle pieces fell into place. I will definitely be looking for future works from this author team Michelle Jackson & Stuart Spence.

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