Thursday, October 13, 2011

a Touch of Ice (An Everly Gray Adventure) by L. J. Charles

Everly Gray has ESP fingers. Everything she touches, material items and people, gives her a glimpse of something in the past, the present or the future. She doesn't date much because her dates usually end in disaster when they touch her and she 'sees' something disturbing that turns her off.

Her best friend, Violet, is a private investigator. Violet knows about Everly's gift but not many others do. When Everly has a bad vision about herself as an old woman in a rocking chair, they go to the beach to walk it off, but someone is taking photographs. Everly decides to introduce herself to the man, and Violet asks questions about why he's photographing them. His name is Mitchell Hunt and he's just staying busy, trying to forget the memory of seeing his best friend murdered the night before.

They talk, and he asks Everly out on a date. She explains about her ESP fingers but he doesn't seem worried, although he does hire Violet to investigate the murder. He knows he is a person of interest, and he wants the real killer found. However, after their date, Everly gets a phone call about Mitch being missing.

Everly and Violet search Mitch's house and Everly gets visions of Mitch being brutalized by three men. He's alive, but she doesn't know where they took him. Fortunately, Mitch is dropped off at a hospital hours later, but Everly still can't shake the visions of the men. She convinces Violet to investigate the matter further.

Everly convinces Violet to help her break into Tony's house - the murdered friend of Mitch. Everly's gift is changing; she can see the visions without even touching anything. Her mind tears magazines and makes a collage on its own, and she can't shake the thought that diamonds are involved, even though Violet can't use that information in any shape or form.

Everly and Mitch begin a sweet romance, and between the three of them they try to uncover the real killer. But when danger comes for Everly, will her ESP fingers get her out of it, or will she die with regrets like she saw in her vision?

A TOUCH OF ICE is a suspense-filled romance that will keep you up late turning the pages. Everly and Violet make perfect partners in their sleuthing, complementing one another perfectly. The romance between Mitch and Everly is sweet and blossoms into something spicy and wonderful. The mystery twists and turns, keeping this reader thoroughly entertained, trying to figure out the clues. Romantic suspense readers won't want to miss this one!


  1. Thank you so much for the review, Wendy. I really appreciate. Will tweet and FB your site. :)

    L. j.

  2. Sounds like a good book! Nice writeup.

    I have to LOL - my current release has characters named Everly, Violet, and Tony.


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