Friday, October 28, 2011

What Came First by Carol Snow

Laura Cahill wanted a baby badly but didn't want a man, so she went to a clinic for an anonymous donor and is impeccably happy with her son, Ian. She gives Ian whatever he wants; toys, electronics and even chickens. But Ian wants a sibling and Laura wants the same donor again so the children will look alike and have a bond. The problem is there is no more sperm on ice and she's creeping close to forty. She hires a private investigator to find the father of her son and plans on asking him for a favor.

Vanessa has been waiting for years for her live-in boyfriend Eric to ask her to marry him. All of their friends are married and she doesn't understand why he won't ask. She's twenty-nine and she really wants a baby. Eric is determined not to have kids, so when Vanessa tells him she is shopping around for a donor, he tells her he is totally fine with that. It will be her child but he'll support her decision.

Wendy and Dan waited several years after they married before they decided to have a child. But when they started trying, it never happened. They went to several specialists and eventually found out that Dan couldn't sire any children. Instead of adopting, Wendy acquired an anonymous donor. They had twins, but life isn't as grand as they thought it would be. The twins are hyperactive and destructive. Dan spends his time off playing The Sims and leaves the squalling kids to Wendy, who just wants to run away.

When Laura locates Ian's donor, it brings all three women together in a manner they never seemed possible. Carol Snow never fails to deliver, keeping the emotions dancing in this compelling and delightful tale. The characters are relatable and modern, all on different paths in life but Snow merges them together with zest and wit. Charming, page-turning and engrossing, What Came First is a must read!

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