Friday, November 18, 2011

Allison Hewitt is Trapped by Madeleine Roux

Allison Hewitt is trapped. She's at work when the attack comes. She, along with her boss, two co-workers and two customers wind up in the employees' break room with almost no food. The Infected pound on the door and Allison can see them through the window in the streets. Their grey bodies are gruesome, and their eyes show no intelligence. They are zombies, and they are taking over the world.

Allison is determined to find a way to survive. She takes an emergency fire axe as her own and tries to protect those in her circle. She also starts up a blog, detailing her everyday struggle to survive and hoping that others out there will be able to communicate with her - especially her mom. The military's emergency wireless network, SNET, seems to be the only thing working, as radios, utilities and more are down.

When one of their own becomes one of them, Allison knows they must move. Their current location isn't safe. They move again to a nearby gymnasium that is said to be safe. There, Allison kills her first person, and she also falls in love. But when her boyfriend's wife returns, Allison decides to go out alone to find her mother. Her blog commentators tell her she is being foolish to go alone, but thankfully, Allison has a few friends who decide to join her, against her wishes.

Their journey to help Allison find her mother is treacherous and filled with danger. Allison and her friends learn to survive on their own wits and mediocre supplies. When some begin to give up, Allison refuses, determined to find her mom. But will her hope be enough to survive?

ALLISON HEWITT IS TRAPPED is an exciting, yet a turbulent and apocalyptic, thriller. Written in blog format, the reader is given a glimpse of what is going on elsewhere in the world by the comments to each blog post and how it compares to Allison's circumstances. Page-turning, emotional, gruesome and haunting, ALLISON HEWITT IS TRAPPED is a must read for zombie fans!

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