Monday, November 28, 2011

Anything by Michael Baron

Ken and Melissa were head over heels in love. They loved each other forever and couldn't wait for their upcoming wedding to make it legal. They had many friends, and both enjoyed their jobs. There was a shop; Stephon’s that they refused to share with their friends. Stephon’s was a jewelry store that sold the most remarkable pieces. Ken was determined to get something special for Melissa one last time as her fiancĂ©.

When he explains to Stephon what he is looking for, Stephon tells him that he can probably help him, if he comes back in two days. While he waits for their appointment, Stephon wants Ken to think about what he would fantasize for their future together. When Ken returns two days later, he knows the answer to Stephon's question. He would want to know Melissa more than he does now. He would love to watch her growing up, but knows that time travel isn't a reality.

Stephon does one better and explains that he can show Ken Melissa's life but he will be invisible. No strings, no charge for the service. Ken enjoys watching Melissa grow up until a tragedy happens that takes the sparkle from her eyes. Upon returning, Ken demands Stephon send him back to change it.

Stephon agrees, although this will be the last time he can do this service, but also stipulates to Ken that this may change if he goes through with it. Ken would do anything to make sure Melissa is happy and agrees right away. But when he returns, although he was successful in Melissa's past, some things have changed. Melissa is no longer engaged to him. In fact, they don't know one another. Ken will do whatever it takes to get Melissa back, but at what cost? What would you do for the one you loved? Anything? Even if you knew you would lose them?

Michael Baron is a strong storyteller who pulls at the heartstrings. Ken and Melissa are wonderful characters, whose lives, with one twist of fate, change forever. Page-turning, heartwarming, engaging and romantic, Anything is a sharp and emotional read. I loved it!!

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