Friday, November 4, 2011

Bon Appétit, a Jim Money Story by Glenn Gamble

Jim Money just wants his money back from Chuck. His girlfriend Jessica waits in the car and Jim demands his loan due, but Chuck is adamant about not paying it back. When Chuck's two brothers show up, it gets ugly, especially with shots being fired at Jim as he drives away.

Jim calls his best friend Steve to go collect from Chuck. Meanwhile, Jessica explains to Jim that although she loves the money he makes from illegal gambling and hustling, she wants a normal life. Jim thinks about it awhile and then decides why not? He and Jessica can get married, have kids and buy a house - normal. But before Jim can share the good news, Jessica gets a phone call and shuts Jim out.

The next day, Jim gets a frantic phone call from Carla, Steve's wife. She insists that her husband and Jessica are having a fling and she wants to kill them. Jim denies that Jessica or Steve would do that to him, but he humors Carla. He picks her up and they go to Jessica's house. But when they arrive, they are greeted with something that neither one of them expected. It is horrific.

Bon Appétit is a fast-paced thrilling novella with a lot of foul language that really sets the tone for this character driven novella. Gamble spins a novel that is riveting, suspenseful and delicious. I look forward to reading more about Jim Money!

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