Saturday, November 19, 2011

Carmex Healing Cream and Lotion Product Review & Giveaway

For me, there are a few things I consider when choosing a lotion. First is always the smell. I don't want to smell as if I'm being medicated or have a lotion that's going to battle with my perfume all day. Second is how the product feels going on my skin. I've had a few lotions that leave that petroleum jelly film on my skin that no amount of rubbing in will erase. This always leaves me feeling like my skin can't breathe and sometimes ruins clothing. Third is how well the lotion works. Is it actually going to soften my skin and leave it feeling smoother?

As a Carmex Blog Squad member, I was given the opportunity to try Carmex Healing Lotion and Healing Cream. The lotion can be used daily to soothe and protect dry skin. The Healing Cream is used to repair your dried rougher skin. I used the cream on my feet and elbows; the lotion everywhere else. I was pleasantly surprised by the smell. It has that hint of Carmex (you all know the Carmex smell!), but overall the lotion is surprisingly sweet. It's not overpowering. As you rub the lotion in, you'll notice the Carmex smell, but as soon as you've finished, your skin will have a sweet fresh smell. There's no greasy petroleum jelly feeling! Instead I felt a sense of relief. Ok, I admit it, I sighed with happiness. The lotion was immediately soaked into my skin leaving the surface with a silky feeling.

With winter coming on, for most of us, lotions and creams are a must-have. I suffer from severely dry skin during the winter and usually battle finding a decent lotion to combat the rough, cracked skin. I found Carmex penetrated the skin more deeply, and absorbing immediately. I'm definitely a fan of their skincare products!

One lucky winner will win a full size bottle of Carmex Healing Lotion, a Full size bottle of Carmex Healing Lotion and a travel size bottle of each.

*Disclosure: The makers of Carmex contacted me and provided the products to review. All thoughts and opinions are expressly my on.

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