Monday, November 7, 2011

Fate of the Muse by Derrolyn Anderson

In this third and thrilling installment of Marina's Tales, Marina has recuperated from her kidnapping and is enjoying her time with her boyfriend, Ethan. They and their friends are getting ready for prom and high school graduation. Things are going well, except for the confusing visions Marina is experiencing.

After graduation, Marina is to fly to Paris and meet with the council. Being a hybrid, half mermaid and half human, she has gifts that not many, if any, have. She's scared of the imminent trip, but her Aunt Evie assures her all will be well. Be that as it may, Marina doesn't want to leave Ethan. The two have plans to marry and be together forever, even if they have to wait until Marina is of age to do so.

But not all is at it seems. Someone wants Marina's help in acquiring a baby mermaid. They believe the baby's blood is the key to immortality. Marina's the only person they know who knows the whereabouts of the child. They will stop at nothing to acquire Marina's help, even taking the life of one of her loved ones.

Marina begins to question her choices. Ethan is working so hard she barely sees him. Also, his ex-girlfriend Amber has returned to town. Marina begins to believe that maybe Ethan is better off without her, even though she loves him with all of her heart. As her friends begin to realize their dreams, she struggles between two worlds, that of the sea and that of her heart. Will she realize where she belongs before it is too late?

Fate of the Muse is a thrilling addition to the series. As the group of friends’ graduation and move onto their lives, Marina questions her choices. She loves Ethan but is she burdening him? She wants her mermaid sisters to be safe, but at what cost? Romance, intrigue, mermaids and high fashion shows highlight this page-turning young adult novel. I can't wait for the next installment! Derrolyn Anderson is a must read author!

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