Thursday, December 1, 2011

Amazing Adventures of a Nobody by Leon Logothetis

When Leon hits his mid-life crisis, he decides the best way to handle things is to meet the world head on. He leaves behind his family, job and life in England to come to the United States. This book chronicles his adventure across the US from New York to the famed Hollywood sign. Giving himself the budget of five dollars a day, he has to get across the country by depending on the generosity of complete strangers. What ensues is not only a life-changing experience, but one that opens his eyes to the world.

Of course, the struggles that Leon faces and the lessons he learns are important, but for me the story lay in the strangers he met along the way. People want to be generous and thoughtful and just need the opportunity. It was amazing for me to watch Leon's reaction to people when he gave them the chance to be everything they want to be. Not everyone he meets along the way is a model of humanity, but that's how life works and it keeps things interesting. The characters you'll meet in the book are the same people we see every day, except that we get a chance to see their inner being.

Amazing Adventures of a Nobody was also a TV series for three seasons on National Geographic. Leon is an experienced television host as well as producer. The back of the book contains a great discussion guide. Whether you're a book group or just want to delve into what you've read, this is a great tool. I strongly suggest you come take an adventure with Leon and get to know America as well as yourself.

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