Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Cross Dresser's Wife by Dee A Levy & B Sheffield Hunt

I've never put too much thought into cross-dressers. I know they exist, but if I know anyone who is one, they have kept it a secret. A cross-dresser is a male who dresses in women's clothing. I don't believe it is anything that you would just randomly discuss with your bestie.

In the Cross Dresser's Wife, we are taken in to the lives of several women, women who are married to cross dressers. Did they have a clue what they were getting into when they got married? Unfortunately not. They speak candidly about the shock of learning their husband's secret. They research cross dressers on the internet, snoop through their husbands things, anything to give them a clue of what is going on with their husbands. One wife deals with the issue of her husband coming to bed with her clothing on every night.

How do you deal with it? Denial? Probably a good place to start, but eventually it's a situation you have to take an in-depth look into. This book is an in-depth look into the secret lives of cross dressers, but also a support book for the wives - they are not alone. There are others out there. Compassionate, heartbreaking and revealing, The Cross Dresser's Wife is a riveting and eye-opening read.

Ultimately, in 2006 Levy created the oasis she could not find: a nonprofit organization, Cross Dressers Wives, and its website, www.crossdresserswives.com. The site, she reports, now receives over two million hits a year. “No one knows how many of us are really out there.”

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