Friday, December 2, 2011

The Doll Violinist by Mayra Calvani Review + Giveaway

Five days before Christmas, Emma is captivated by a doll in a shop window. Each day, she sneaks out of the orphanage to check if it’s still there, but the shop owner, Madame Dubois, sends her away. Will the magic of Christmas bring Emma, Madame Dubois, and the doll violinist together?

In this sweet story, a little orphan girl named Emma watches the storefront window as doll after doll is bought. Even though the shopkeeper keeps chasing her away, she keeps returning in the hopes that her favorite doll won't be bought. It's a special doll that holds a violin and reminds Emma of the mother she lost.

It's funny how a simple children's story can really touch your heart. This is a touching Christmas tale that will appeal to both young and old. It didn't take me long to read it, but it stuck with me long after I finished. The story of both Emma and the shopkeeper brings out what the holiday spirit is really about.

The artwork by Amy Moreno is just beautiful. It's detailed, touching and descriptive. Amy's artistry helps you capture the full depth of the simple tale.

Mayra Calvani writes fiction and nonfiction for children and adults and has authored over a dozen books, some of which have won awards. Her stories, reviews, interviews and articles have appeared on numerous publications such as The Writer, Writer’s Journal, Multicultural Review, and Bloomsbury Review, among many others. Her love for the violin has inspired her to pen three “violin” children’s picture books: The Magic Violin, Frederico the Mouse Violinist, and now the latest, The Doll Violinist.

Visit her website at and get the first two lessons of her popular Walking on a Rainbow Picture Book Workshop free!

You can purchase The Doll Violinist here!

One lucky reader will win a print copy of The Doll Violinist!


  1. Hi Wendy:

    Thank you very much for your time and review of Mayra's latest children's book.

    All the best,

  2. This sounds like a wonderful story for my granddaughter. Thanks for review/giveaway. :-)


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