Friday, December 30, 2011

The Encounter by Stephen Arterburn

Jonathan Rush became a ward of the State when he was four and sent to live at a children's home in Alaska. He was adopted when he was nine and moved to Florida. But Jonathan was a very angry boy, not understanding why his mother abandoned him. He threw himself into his work and became very successful. But three marriages later and a suicide attempt has convinced Jon that he needs help. His Pastor has convinced Jon that he needs to go back to Fairbanks, Alaska and try to find his mother or why she abandoned him. He is convinced that Jon needs to forgive his mother or it will destroy him.

With the help of a reporter, Erica, Jon begins his search for his mom. Unfortunately, the children's home has burned down, along with all of the records. He does meet a mysterious woman, Mercy, who he feels a kinship with, but she isn't very forthcoming with what she knows about Jon's mom, Ada.

Will Jon's hatred and unforgiving heart be the death of him? Or will he learn to forgive and from there, heal? The Encounter is a fast-paced read with emotional and spiritual impact. How we treat others reflects on our own selves, and the journey Jon takes into his past will help lay the foundation for his future. I read it in one sitting - Jon's anguish and my hope for his healing entranced me and captured my heart. Don't miss this one!

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