Saturday, December 31, 2011


Laura and Adrian are a happy couple. They both work hard and have a great social life with friends and family. When Laura finds out she is pregnant, she is scared and elated. They hadn't planned on having any children yet, but she and Adrian are both thrilled. With her having diabetes, she knows it will be a hard pregnancy but she is up to the task.

Laura worries a lot but her heart is in the right place. She and Adrian are both devout Christians and that belief gives them faith that everything will be ok. Through-out the pregnancy they visit with Adrian's brother James and his wife Carol a lot. So when Carol brings over some friends that Laura has never met on the day she is to be induced, she is a bit angry. But nothing will ruin her perfect day, so she pushes her feelings to the back of her mind.

The delivery is pretty smooth and soon Laura and Adrian are holding their new baby daughter Kaylynn in their arms. But their blessing soon turns into a nightmare when hours later, the doctor informs them that Kaylynn has passed away with no apparent causes. The death of their child shocks Adrian and Laura and the tragedy threatens to tear their marriage apart.

Rather than spend time with one another grieving, they each grieve on their own. Laura throws herself into her work and while away on a conference, meets Ben. Ben is an angel who brings peace to Laura, but also informs her that Kaylynn is alive - she was switched with a dead infant and sold to parents who want to adopt. Laura wants her daughter back at all costs and rushes off to tell Adrian.

He doesn't believe in her talk about angels and assures Laura that she needs counseling. She is adamant about Kaylynn being alive and sets out to prove it on her own. When another angel shows up called Ryan, he leads her to a darker path. Will Laura be able to choose the right path and get Kaylynn back? Or will her path lead her to destruction? Not only of herself but to others? She needs God's guidance to help her, as well as love.

The Birth is an amazing spiritual journey with Laura. The high and darker points of her life and how she chooses which path to take and why will have you questioning your own self, if put in the same situation. Great character development, seamless writing, and a good vs. evil subplot will keep you turning the pages! A haunting and engaging story from a talented new author!

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