Friday, December 9, 2011

Hauntings of the Heart by Joselyn Vaughn

Minnie has been running the bed and breakfast for nearly six years. Even though it's falling apart, she just can't give up on it. Things go from bad to worse when a persistent buyer offers her a million dollars for her business, plumbing goes haywire, ghosts and ghostbusters enter the scene, and the man who broke her heart fifty years ago re-enters her life. Will she have a nervous breakdown before she can sort any of it out?

Oh what fun! This is my second Vaughn book, and I'm still impressed. The characters are witty, entertaining and heartfelt. Each one found a place in my heart and mind and I cherish them. Though some of the book is predictable, it's a good read so it doesn't really matter. The day to day dealings are enough to keep you interested in every word and sentence.

I strongly recommend this to cozy readers, romance readers, paranormal readers, and anyone who just plain likes a good story. Vaughn has a talent for storytelling and a knack for making the book end all too quickly.


  1. Thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed Minnie and Gordon's story. Have a great holiday season.

  2. Joselyn is such a special storyteller charming the reader to want to read every witty comment and warm character. I agree. I loved Hauntings too as well as her other cozy romances.


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