Friday, December 23, 2011

Journey on the Edge by Walt Hampton

Squeezed by time and snared in responsibility, so many of us fail to live the lives we once imagined. But there is another way: we can live with purpose, passion and possibility; we can enjoy fun, freedom and fulfillment. We can have it all. Journey to the edge. You’ll see how.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Need to Read this Book:

1. You’ll die at your desk if you don’t.

2. You’ll find what rocks your world.

3. You’ll drop kick your excuses once and for all.

4. You won’t be boring any more.

5. You’ll find that muddling through is just plain dumb.

6. You’ll learn to lead an extraordinary life.

7. You’ll discover how to do it all without regret

I don't think anyone in this world enjoys 'live' books as much as I do. I've long been a proclaimer that you should shove as much joy and adventure into each day as possible. This is one of the most uplifting and motivating 'live' books that I've read to date. Hampton gets right to the point of the subject of each chapter with zeal and in a manner that will appeal to anyone. You don't have to be a genius to understand the concepts presented here.

Each chapter is short and to the point but also filled with several good examples as well as relevant quotes. Hampton pulls in everything from Carmelite nuns to pop culture references. No matter your background, each chapter is presented in a manner that will appeal to you, as a reader, personally.

Even if you're a 'live' junkie like I am, there's something important in this book for you. Of course, if you're a couch potato who goes to work, watches TV, and sleeps, I strongly recommend you read this book and pass it on to everyone you know. For me, it was a simple 'playing dumb' concept that struck me. Though I agreed with everything I read in the book, this concept really struck me because I'd been doing it and not even realizing it. Now I can take that and utilize it in the rest of my life. Read, read, and read!!!

Walt Hampton is a writer, speaker, coach and adventure photographer. He is a high altitude mountaineer and a blue water sailor.
His message is this: Live deeply. Live fully. Love well. Find adventure and joy. Rediscover the fun in your life. Revel in audacious possibility. Give to the world the gifts that are yours alone to give.
Don’t let your dreams die.
His mission: to help others have great lives; to rediscover their passions; to live their dreams.
Born in Brooklyn, New York, Walt is a graduate of The Cornell Law School. For more than 25 years he has counseled and advocated for business leaders and individuals through countless transitions, difficult, challenging and rewarding. Through his dynamic coaching, live events and blogs, Walt informs, educates and inspires others to find their path, and to live it with heart.

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