Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nocturne by Syrie James

When Nicole Whitcomb’s car runs off a Colorado mountain road during a blinding snowstorm, she is saved from death by a handsome, fascinating, and enigmatic stranger. Snowbound with him for days in his beautiful home high in the Rockies, she finds herself powerfully attracted yet mystified by him, filling her with apprehension.

Who is Michael Tyler? Why does he live alone in such a secluded spot and guard his private life so carefully? What secret—or secrets—is he hiding? With her own secrets and a past she is running from, Michael understands Nicole better than anyone she has ever known. Soon, they are falling deeply in love—a profoundly meaningful experience that is destined to change their lives forever. However, as the sexual tension between them builds, the clues mount up. When Nicole learns her host’s terrifying secret, there is nowhere for her to run but into the blizzard raging outside, and Michael may be the only one who can save her life.

When Nicole Whitcomb's car runs off the road in the middle of a blizzard, she is saved by a handsome hermit.  At times, Michael Tyler is rude, but when he smiles, it invokes something within Nicole. Nicole has been running from something tragic in her own past, so she relishes the beauty and privacy of Michael's home.

Michael guards his secrets with everything he has, but Nicole makes him feel things he never thought he could.  As Nicole begins to unravel what makes Michael who he is, things begin to heat up.  There love for one another blossoms as they begin to know each other.  But when Nicole realizes she is in danger, she risks her own life to get away from Michael.  He brings her back and she realizes what he has been covering up. 

A beautiful love story, Nocturne will stay with you long after the last page has been read.  The character development is top-notch and the writing haunting, yet riveting. A very emotional and satifying read!

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