Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Palace of the Fountains by Lindsay Townsend

Caro Kingswood is a garden designer. She and her husband Alex started their own business designing gardens, but the marriage and business was short-lived. Alex was possessive and controlling, but when he stole Caro's designs and passed them off as his own, it was the last straw with her. She filed for divorce and started anew. When her sister Sancha implores Caro to come for a visit and to design her estate gardens, Caro can't say no. Sancha lives in Spain, and Caro could do with a change of scenery.

Joe Spenser is a hydro-engineer who has been hired for a job in Spain. One evening, he stumbles into Caro and her sister and brother-in-law while looking at the sights. They implore him to join them, even though Sancha is playing matchmaker since Joe is so handsome. He instantly finds Caro desirable. Joe recently split up with a woman, Kathy, because she didn't like the close bond he had with his sister Ann 'Az' Grant. He chose Ann, and that was the end of that relationship.

Now, Ann has disappeared. She was hired by Sancha and her husband Felipe to catalogue the family's sword collection. Sancha suspects something foul involving her husband but is afraid to express her suspicions. When Caro finds out that Ann is Joe's sister, she questions his motives. Are his feelings for her true, or was he only using her for access to the family and the secrecy surrounding Ann's disappearance?

Set against the beautiful backdrop of Spain, PALACE OF THE FOUNTAINS is a page-turning romantic suspense that will bewitch you. With a spatter of complex characters, all with their own secrets, the blossom of romance, a dark and mysterious murder, the danger surrounding Caro and spectacular writing, PALACE OF THE FOUNTAINS is a must-read!

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