Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Ruby Kiss by Helen Scott Taylor

In a world where magic exists, Ruby is a self-reliant individual with an interesting affliction. Though her father left when she was young, and no amount of searching has led either her or her mother to him, she has grown to be a strong and independent woman. Finally out of the clutches of her overly bossy mother, Ruby has absolutely no intention of belonging to anyone else ever again. Not to mention that her affliction keeps her from getting to close to anyone anyway.

When a mysterious nightstalker, called Nightshade, lands at her home, Ruby finds that the world is indeed full of mysteries that she must solve. She still needs to find her father and find a way to cure her curious affliction. As some of the questions of who she really is become answered, Ruby finds herself the center of attention in a world she's never been involved in. Everyone wants to mate her and supposedly she's to become some sort of queen. Does she really want to give up any of her independence though? Can she come to terms with not only her past but who she is?

I loved this book! The characters are wildly entertaining and the world-building engrossing and entertaining. I found myself invested in their world and lives. The writing is wonderful and at times, poetic and beautiful. A sparkling gem to add to any shelf!

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