Friday, December 9, 2011

Skintactix Clear Skin Challenge - Product Review

I've accepted the Skintactix Clear Skin Challenge! Actually, my niece did.  She is eleven and has an extreme  case of bad acne. She's tried everything and had no success.  I cannot post any pictures of her here because her parents prefer I not, but that's ok. 

Breanna started using the Skintactix  twice a day for oily skin. When she started it, she was broke out all over her face with black heads. We have tried current over the counter products and nothing gave results. After three days of use of the product we saw a few results and side effects. The results were that her cheeks were all cleared up from acne. The side effects are that the Skintactix started to burn her face so she now uses it only once a day. Another effect is that where she is broke out badly (forehead, nose, around mouth) her skin is all red looking like a sun burn. She has been using the product for three weeks now. There has been no more improvement and she keeps breaking out on top of what she already has. The black heads never healed or went away and the redness has stayed the same.  She's seeing a dermotologist next week. 
 The product started out well, with great results! I honestly believe that some of the trouble we ran into is with her own body chemistry and hormones.  We'll find out next week, but we are happy we gave Skintactix a try. 

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