Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Strip by J.J. Salem

Cam Lawford used to be a high profile player in the NFL, until he acquired a sports injury that ended his career. Now, he's a stud for hire, but only to those that can afford his steep rates. He's also writing his memoir, Stud Diaries: Confessions from the Man Who's Satisfying Your Wife. When he is found murdered in a hotel room, Homicide Detective Gucci Marlowe is sure the killer is a woman.

There are three Las Vegas wives that Cam visited often. Kristen Fox, a bestselling writer who craves what Cam can give her, even though she can't bring herself to leave her husband. Jennifer Payne, a therapist who has problems at home but doesn't have a problem dispensing advice to others, such as Kristen. Then there is Billie Shelton, who is a dancer-singer in one of the splashy casinos. Her husband is very obsessive, and Billie just wants a bit of freedom.

All three women keep their secret and live dangerously in the fast-paced city of sin, LA. Someone killed Cam, and Gucci will find out who did it and why. But will the wives be able to keep their secret if Cam's book gets published? Will they be able to fix what is wrong in their lives without Cam in it?

With murder, sex, scandal and dirty secrets, THE STRIP will keep you thoroughly entertained. A peek into the details of four lives, the good and the shameful, is riveting and the diverse and complex characters intriguing. The pace is fast and hot! Glitzy, naughty and triumphant, THE STRIP is a great beach read!

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