Monday, January 30, 2012

The China Gambit by Allan Topol

Francesca Page has a career breaking story and she can't wait to get it typed up and sent to her editor, Elizabeth Crowder. She even has a headline thought out, "Chinese General Develops Plot Against the United States." However, she's accosted by two men masquerading as police officers outside of her office. Using her briefcase as a weapon, she escapes to her car but a truck meets her head-on on the highway and Francesca's story dies with her.

However, her father, former CIA Agent Craig Page, believes his daughter was murdered, not a victim of an automobile accident. He begins to investigate on his own, and then including Francesca's editor Elizabeth. But China isn't the only conspirator in this intriguing international thriller; Iran is another as well as an American - someone Craig knows from his days in the CIA.

Craig and Elizabeth's investigation takes them into many countries on the globe, with the stakes rising higher and higher with each stop. Danger lurks around every corner as well as heart-pumping action and chilling consequences from the twisted masterminds. With imperfect but memorable characters and a complex and intriguing plot, this chilling thriller is an engrossing story!

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