Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Delivered by Clifford Evan

Michael Jesse Jordan thinks himself a loser. He works at a pizzeria to pay the rent, and draws in his spare time. He dreams of a beautiful girl and he hopes to be accepted into an Art School and realize his dreams. The owner of the pizzeria, Angelo, used the business to launder money and he uses Jesse to pay his guy. Jesse receives quite good tips for doing so, but he worries about Angelo. He's like the father he never had, even if he doesn't take care of himself and is involved in shady business.

When Angelo's niece, Taria, arrives, Jesse thinks he has died and gone to heaven. She looks exactly like the girl in his dreams. Taria takes quite a shine to Jesse, as well, but she's different that other girls he has known. Taria believes in destiny, angels and the world. Although she would love to stay with Jessie, she knows she can't until the time is right. She urges Jesse to create his world as it should be and to rise from the gutter he is in. He is worth more than that.

Jessie begins to visit a psychic, hoping for information about where his girl has gone to. The psychic reads the tarot cards and tells him that Taria loves him and wants only the best for him. She explains to Jessie that he has a bright future, if only he chooses to grasp it. She tells him that there is danger and death surrounding a male figure in his life. Jessie tries to get closer to God, to help him find his path to his destiny. But he also wants to save Angelo and find Taria. Will he be strong enough?

Delivered is a quick-paced read filled with spiritualism, dirty business, eccentric characters and a great plot. I became a champion of Jessie and his plight, which I owe to sharp and clever writing. If you're looking for a unique, but entertaining read, pick up Delivered today!

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