Thursday, January 5, 2012

Partials by Dan Wells

The year is 2076. Most of mankind is dead. Years ago, the Partials were created, part machine and part human, to help win the Isolation War. They were successful and the Partials returned home. But the Partials were treated as outcasts, they were different, and they became angry. They wiped out most of humanity, not only by killing them but by releasing a virus, called RM that not only killed, but prevented anyone from procreating.

Kira Walker is only sixteen but she is a medical intern. She works in maternity, observing everything when a new baby is born. The infant never lives, the virus takes immediate possession and the babies are always dead before they are three days old. The Senate has passed The Hope Act, a law that demands that any female eighteen or older must be pregnant. The Senate figures the more babies they have, eventually they will either get one who is immune to the virus or someone will find the cure.

Kira believes that to cure RM, they need to go to the source. But going into Partial territory is a death sentence. Not only would they possibly instigate a new war, but no one has seen a Partial in eleven years and it is certain death. Kira, though, when she finds out one of her best friends is pregnant, decides to take matter into her own hands. Although she has been forbidden to go, she and a group of friends go anyways. They are successful to a degree, but fail in other areas. Some of the group dies on the journey, but they do bring back a Partial. However, the Senate wants it disposed of before Kira can perform her tests. Will she be able to convince them to let her try? Or will they kill the Partial and take with it every possible chance they had to prevent their species from dying out?

I have to say I absolutely loved this book! Kira is a great heroine, but her circle of friends makes her better. The world in 2076 is rugged, dangerous and believable. Dan Wells spins a yarn so filled with detail; you can picture it in your mind. With romance, conspiracy, politics, adrenaline-charged action scenes and a heroine with a heart of gold, Partials is a wonderful addition to the apocalyptic dystopian genre. I hope there is a sequel!

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  1. Omg Dan Wells, I just finished reading his John Cleaver trilogy so I know I love him. I will have to add this book to my TBR pile. Great review!

    La Toya (La Toya, Literally.)


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