Friday, January 27, 2012

Power of Two Marriage Online Review & Giveaway

The Power of Two is an easy to use website that is interactive, educational and entertaining.  It teaches you how to stop fighting, build and enhance communication and trust.  You can work on your own or with your partner. Only one of you has to have an account.  But there is no set time - it works for you when you want it.

Not just for married couples, Power of Two is for any couple and is scientifically proven to enrich intimate relationships. It's an excellent substitute or supplement to marriage counseling-online.  There are several activities you can do alone or with your partner.  When you get a few extra minutes during your day, you can log in and work on some of the activities that help you practice and build new skills that will enhance your relationship.  I believe that these skills can go further than with your significant other, but that some of them you can use in your day-to-day activities.

The website is very easy to use and navigate.  Even if you have the best relationship in the world, there will be sticky times and why pay big dollars to see a counselor when you can pay only $18 a month and you can cancel any time!!  Fun, confidential and affordable, Power of Two is personalized just for you and can change your life without breaking the bank.  Some of the activities are fun and something you can enjoy with your significant other.  You can message your coach and the response time is quick. Check it out today!

One lucky reader will win a free month of the progam!

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