Monday, January 9, 2012

Shattered Dreams by Ellie James

Trinity Monsour is sixteen years old when she moves to New Orleans to live with her Aunt Sarah. Her grandmother had died, and since her parents had died when she was two, Aunt Sarah was her only remaining relative. But from growing up in a cabin in the mountains and being homeschooled doesn't prepare her for the big city and high school.

She wants to fit in, so when a group of teenagers ask Trinity to accompany them one evening to a supposedly haunted house, she agrees. When Trinity arrives though, she feels that something is wrong and that they shouldn't go in. But she doesn't want to be a freak to her possible newfound friends, so she enters the building. They ensue into a game of Truth or Dare that ends with a prank being played on Trinity, but during the prank, Trinity has a horrible vision of a young girl bleeding while lying on a mattress. Trinity is freaked out, scared and madder than a hornet at Jessica, the girl who initiated the prank of locking Trinity in the dark.

Afterword, Trinity tries to let bygones be bygones, but Jessica's boyfriend Chase confronts Trinity with an apology and to explain that he and Jessica had broken up. Chase is interested in Trinity. Trinity wants to believe in Chase but she's scared. Especially with the visions that keep coming to her in her dreams. When Jessica doesn't come home the next day, all sorts of rumors abound, namely that Trinity was seeking revenge and murdered Jessica.

Trinity knows she didn't do it, but shares her dreams with the police. The more she dreams, the more clues they receive, but the clues start to make Trinity look guilty. Furthermore, she's been learning more about where she came from and her gift. She's afraid that if Chase finds out she's a freak; he won't want to be with her anymore. Can Trinity figure out where Jessica is before it's too late? Can she prove she isn't crazy and she didn't hurt Jessica? Will Chase back off in horror when he realizes what Trinity can do?

Shattered Dreams is a magnificent debut young adult novel by author Ellie James. With the sensual and secretive New Orleans backdrop, the blossoming romance between Trinity and Chase and the mysterious disappearance of Jessica, the pages just flew by. Seat-of-your-pants suspense, a unique psychic ability and captivating characters, Shattered Dreams will appeal to many!

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