Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bare Naked at the Reality Dance by Suzanne Selby Grenager

Want to wake up and fall in love with yourself?

Want to make the difference you were born and are dying to make?

That's what Suzanne Grenager does-and will help you do- in this intimate, from-the-trenches transformational journal of a wife, mother, daughter, yogini, spiritual mentor and work-in-progress. Whether you are a novice or veteran on the spiritual path, Suzanne's soul-thrumming real-time trek toward her Self will amuse, shock, inform, and most of all, inspire you to see and be the wild and wonderful person you already are.
First, let me say that since this is a journal, you aren't likely to agree with everything written here. These are Suzanne's personal thoughts and life. That being said, there are several points in the book that may offend some Christians, and possibly those of other religious groups. While reading, keep in mind that this is Suzanne's personal beliefs and she is, in no way, trying to force you to see and believe what she does.

Now that that's out of the way, Suzanne is definitely a spiritual pursuer. Since the beginning, mankind has struggled with our innate purpose. Though all of the answers are not contained in this book, I honestly believe that anyone who reads it will take away some sort of new truth or understanding.

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